Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections 2018

There have been numerous occasions in the recent past, when the political politics have been at its peak. Considering the current era of social media, and its impact on election, things have really changed. The next big political events is Madhya Pradesh elections and all the parties are ready to prove their mattle. BJP has been in the power in this state since 15 years. Shivraj Singh Chauhan came in the power on 29 November 2005 and he has not left the CM office since then. He has been loved by the people of the state, hence such a long tenure. The upcoming elections will really test his voter base as well as of the opposition. The Madhya Pradesh election result 2018 will be crucial for both BJP and Congress. There are some other parties as well, they will impact the final seat count of Madhya Pradesh election.

The Madhya Pradesh Elections are just around the corner and it will seal the fate of political parties contesting the elections. In the Last elections, BJP got the majority of seats and it was a third consecutive win for the party. Among the total 230 seats contested, BJP got a good share of 165 seats, way beyond majority. This win was a big morale booster for BJP as they got sucha huge support even after being the power for 10 years continuously. Congresses' share was of 58 seats and they have a long way cover for the CM seat. In MP elections 2018, BSP has also been contesting actively. Lst time they only got 7 seats, and recent elections were not good for them.

Madhya Pradesh Election Date 2018

Poll EventsMadhya Pradesh (All 230 Assembly Constituencies)
Date of Issue of Gazette Notification02.11.2018 (FRIDAY)
Last Date of Nominations09.11.2018 (FRIDAY)
Date for Scrutiny of Nominations12.11.2018 (MONDAY)
Last Date for Withdrawal of candidatures14.11.2018 (WEDNESDAY)
Date of Poll28.11.2018 (WEDNESDAY)
Date of Counting11.12.2018 (TUESDAY)
Date before which election shall be completed13.12.2018 (THURSDAY)

Both the main parties, BJP and Congress have equal possibilities to form the government for next 5 years. BJP already got a CM who has performed well in the state. Their another main face is Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who also appears to have a big voter base. The two main faces of BJP have a impressive political record, clearly a plus point for this Saffron party. However, the CM candidate will mainly influence the voter's interest. We will keep an eye on all the 230 constituencies of the state as every seat will play an important role in deciding the Madhya Pradesh 2018 elections winner.

Among the main parties, Congress has been taking these elections very seriously as BJP has already formed government in states of the country. They are on the verge of losing their grip on national politics. Winning a elections at these tough times will only bring them back into national politics. It would boost their confidence and they need to work on their strength as well as weakess to ensure a win in Madhya Pradesh election 2018.

Madhya Pradesh Elections Political Parties

Madhya Pradesh had their first Prime Minister in 1956 and many parties have joined politics since then. The first Madhya Pradesh Vidhan CM was Ravishankar Shukla who held office until end of 1956. The CM office was held by INC form the start of elections, until 1967. After that many parties have shown their interest in the elections and we mane national parties emerged in that duration. BJP emerged as a political party in this duration and it is now the party with its government in most states.

Party Name
Indian National Congress (INC
Bharatiya Janata party (BJP)
Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP)
Communist party of India

Political Facts about Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh Political Facts
Parlimentary Constituencies29
Assembly Constituencies230
Ruling PartyBharatiya Janata Party (BJP)
Opposition PartyIndian National Congress (INC)
Current Chief MinisterShivraj Singh Chouhan
Leader of Opposition-
GovernorAnandiben Patel
Chief Electoral OfficerMs Saleena Singh

Last Updated on 07 October 2018

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