Himachal Pradesh is one of the hilly state of India. The state saw its last election in 2012, during which INC emerged as a winner. BJP was ruling the state earlier and in 2012 elections, Virbhadra Singh of INC became the CM for next 5 years. The election date has been scheduled and final notification was released by election commission. Last date of nomination is 23 October and last date of candidate wihdrawal is 26 October. Opinion survey of Himachal pradesh are yet to be shared by many news agency such as VDP associates, ABP news, India TV, RSS and Chanakya. Voting date would be 9 November and results will be declared on 18 December 2017. The assembly elections are bound to happen at the end of this year. If we talk about the Himachal Pradesh Opinion Poll 2017, No concrete opinion survey has been published till now.

Today's Chanakya Exit Poll 2017 - Himachal Pradesh Exit Polls

Today's Chanakya Exit Poll 2017 is out today and it depicts that Bharatiya Janata Party will secure 55(+-7) seats. The Congress party doesnt look good here with only a mere 13(+-7) seats. This is not a winning scenario or a positive picture for INC at all, they have not performed well in the last few years and it doesn't seem to improve. Others are getting only +- seats only. We will get the clear picture only after the election result is declared

Political Party Seat Share
BJP 55(+-7)
Congress 13(+-7)
Others +-3

AAJ Tak Axis Exit Poll 2017 - Himachal Pradesh Exit Polls

Aaj Tak Axis exit poll for HP elections 2017 are declared and they shows a good result for Bharatiya Janata Party. There was a very long wait of these exit polls and they have been shared by exit poll agencies recently after completion of Gujarat's second phase voting. BJP is most likely to win 47-55 seats, and this would be enough for them. Congress is securing second position by winning 13-20 seats. There are around 0-02 seats in the bag of other parties. Himachal Pradesh AAJ Tak exit poll 2017 brings a good new for the BJP party members.

Political Party Seat Share
BJP 47-55)
Congress 13-20
Others 0-2

The predictions of Himachal Pradesh elections 2017 will start to pour in, near the election date. Himachal opinion poll 2017 will be shared by various agencies such as Aaj Tak, NDTV, CVoter, India Trending Now, Times Now, VDPAssociates, Chanakya exit poll 2017 etc.

Congress won 36 seats out of 68 assembly seats. This time, BJP will again try to regain power in Himachal Pradesh elections 2017. Congress will try to keep their rule in this northern state. AAP is another party which might try their luck in these assembly elections of Himachal Pradesh 2017. Some other parties are also there, such as BSP, HLP etc, which will try to make a difference here.

We are closely following the Election updates of the country, being the election coverage team. There are many survey agencies which are also keeping an eye on the election trends. The previous results show that INC will be in a good condition, being the ruling party in the state. BJP was just 10 seats behind, and it may close in to win the elections. BJP has the potential to turn these elections in their own favour. The safforn party has ruled the state after 2007 elections, showing that they have the required support in Himachal. Various opinion poll agency have to conduct the Himachal Pradesh opinion polls 2017 on a smaple of people and share the outcome soon. We will share the latest HP election opinion poll as soon as any reputed news agency will announce the survey predictions.

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This page will be updated frequently throughout the day to reflect the live results of Himachal Pradesh Opinion Poll 2017 assembly election of Himachal Assembly.

Last Updated on 29 July 2018