Gurugram MCG election schedule were announced recently by the Haryana election commission. Last MCG elections were held in 2011 and next elections were scheduled in 2016, however they were not conducted at schedule time due to some political reasons. Hence they are happening this year, in the month of September. Nagar Palika Chunav of Gurgaon were due for almost one year. Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) elections are mainly contested between BJP, INC and INLD. Gurgaon MCG election date is 24 September 2017. There are 35 wards in MCG, and all of them will have election simultaneously. New ward list is also present which have all the corresponding ward details.

Gurgaon MCG Elections Results 2017

Ward NumberWinning/Leading Candidate Status
Ward 1 Mithilesh, Independent
Ward 2 Shakuntala Yadav (BJP)
Ward 3 Ravinder Yadav (BJP)
Ward 4 Virender Raj Yadav, INLD
Ward 5 Rimple Yadav (BJP)
Ward 6 Anoop Singh, BJP
Ward 7 Madhu Azad (BJP)
Ward 8 Dinesh Saini (Independent)
Ward 9 Pramila Devi
Ward 10 Sheetal Bagri, Independent
Ward 11 Yogender Singh (BJP)
Ward 12 Naveen Dahiya (Independent)
Ward 13 Braham Prakash (BJP)
Ward 14 Sanjay Pradhan (Independent)
Ward 15 Seema Pahuja (Independent)
Ward 16 Madhu Batra (Independent)
Ward 17 Rajni Sahni (Independent)
Ward 18 Subhash Singla (BJP)
Ward 19 Ashwini Sharma (Independent)
Ward 20 Kapil Dua, BJP
Ward 21 Dharambir, Independent
Ward 22 Sunita Yadav, Independent
Ward 23 Ashwani Sharma, BJP
Ward 24 Sunil Kumar, Independent
Ward 25 Subhash Singh, BJP
Ward 26 Praveen Lata (Independent)
Ward 27 Sudesh Rani, Independent
Ward 28 Hemant Kumar, Independent
Ward 29 Kuldeep Yadav (BJP)
Ward 30 Mahesh Dayma Independent
Ward 31 Kuldeep Bohra (Independent)
Ward 32 Arti Yadav, BJP
Ward 33 Sunita, BJP
Ward 34 Ranbir Singh Rathi, Independent
Ward 35 Kusum Yadav, Independent

Gurgaon MCG Elections Results of Every Ward with Votes of Winner and Runner Up Candidates

Ward NumberWinner Candidate NameVotesRunner Up Candidate NameVotesWinning Margin
Ward 1Mithlesh2749 Mukesh2571 178 
Ward 2Shakuntla4184 Indra Vati2174 2010 
Ward 3Ravinder Yadav2867 Ajay Yadav1618 1249 
Ward 4Virender Raj Yadav1531 Parveen Yadav1518 13 
Ward 5Rimple Yadav2394 Savita Yadav1488 906 
Ward 6Anoop Singh4161 Naresh Sehrawat3916 245 
Ward 7Smt. Madhu Azad2632 Suman1723 909 
Ward 8Sh. Dinesh2726 Bhagat Singh2628 98 
Ward 9Pramila Devi8575 Smt. Himani Aggarwal5221 3354 
Ward 10Sheetal Bagri2219 Prashant Bhardwaj2132 87 
Ward 11Yogender Singh3620 Pradeep Dahiya2064 1556 
Ward 12Naveen4362 Ravinder2959 1403 
Ward 13Brhamprakash3744 Vikram1839 1905 
Ward 14Sanjay Kumar4863 Sunita Kataria3723 1140 
Ward 15Seema Pahuja6590 Manoj Bhardwaj5440 1150 
Ward 16Madhu Batra8118 Tarawanti Tuteja5297 2821 
Ward 17Rajni7138 Geeta Rani4154 2984 
Ward 18Subhash Singla4835 Abhay Jain4457 378 
Ward 19Ashwani Sharma2547 Pramod Kumar2329 218 
Ward 20Kapil Dua3185 Mahesh Kumar1965 1220 
Ward 21Dharambir2216 Seema Dayal1739 477 
Ward 22Sunita Yadav3204 Poonam Kataria2741 463 
Ward 23Ashwani Sharma2681 Billu Yadav2130 551 
Ward 24Sunil Kumar3127 Rambir2164 963 
Ward 25Subhash Singh5092 Pradeep Kumar1946 3146 
Ward 26Praveen Lata3670 Sonika @ Sonam2547 1123 
Ward 27Sudesh Rani2800 Poonam2356 444 
Ward 28Hemant Kumar3458 Arun Thakran2568 890 
Ward 29Kuldeep Yadav3342 Alka Dalal2977 365 
Ward 30Mahesh Dayma4346 Deepak Sharma2989 1357 
Ward 31Sh. Kuldeep Singh Bohra2495 Sh. Ashok Kumar2299 196 
Ward 32Smt. Arti Yadav3850 Smt. Sunita Rani2920 930 
Ward 33Sunita2088 Mithlesh1843 245 
Ward 34Ranbir Singh Rathi2374 Zile Singh2232 142 
Ward 35Kusum Yadav2497 Pushpa Kumari2285 212 

Gurgaon MCG Elections Party Wise Results

Party NameSeats Won/Lead

About Gurgaon MCG Elections - Nagar Nigam Chunav

Last Nagar Nigam elections were not contested by Congress directly, but the candidates fought without party symbols. Once the winner list was declared, those Parshad joined Congress. In these elections the similar scenario will happen again. Party members has announced that Congress will continue its previous practice of not contesting election on their symbol in Gurgaon MCG.

This leaves Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Indian National Lok Dal (INLD), two main parties contesting with party symbol. BJP has power in state, which could turn out be a double edged sword. They might use it in their own favour or might go against them. Their political rivals will try to find failures of BJP government for using against them. On the other hand, BJP have their success to gather the support. They are currently in Central government too, another badge of honor for them.

Congress has not seen golden days recently, rather they had their worst performance. INC will try to use their current MCG term to find support for their individual candidates. However they might not conduct promotion directly, as they won’t have any contestant using party symbol. INLD is just waiting to get their share of winners when the results are announced. Party would be expecting some positive news in these Gurgaon MCG elections 2017.

Gurugram MCG Election Schedule 2017

Poll EventsImportant Dates
Nomination Filing Dates8 September to 13 September 2017
Last Date of NominationWednesday, September 13, 2017
Nomination Paper Scrutiny DateThursday, September 14, 2017
Last Date of WithdrawlFriday, September 15, 2017
Election Symbol Allotement DateFriday, September 15, 2017
Contesting Candidates ListFriday, September 15, 2017
Gurgaon MCG Ward No 1 Voting DateSunday, September 24, 2017
Timing of Polling7 AM to 5 PM
Gurgaon MCG Ward 1 Result DateSunday, September 24, 2017

Gurugram MCG schedule was declared by concerned authority with all important dates. The candidates shall be declared starting from 8 September until 13 September. Election commission will not entertain any request for withdrawal of candidature, post 15 September. Contesting candidates list will be finalised and shared on 15 September. Election symbols will be distributed on 15 September itself. MCG election 2017 voting date is 24 September.

MCG Polling time will start at 7AM and votes can be cast till 5 PM. Vote counting will start on 24 September, immediately after voting is completed. Gurgaon MCG result will be declared same day, as soon as vote counting is done. Which means that MCG election voting, vote counting and result declaration will be done in a single day, on 24 September itself.

MCG Elections 2017 Main Issues

Gurgaon is developing at a very fast rate, and it needs proper attention from the local municipal body to succeed. This city has shown great progress and it has become cyber city of the NCR region. The basic facilities of city need to cope up with the high rate of growth. This makes the job of local MCG pretty tough, so this will be a tough elections for these political party.

Gurugram has improved but there is still many unattended parts of the city. Sewage is one of the main problem faced by the city, along with traffic jam and it needs immediate attention. People of Gurgaon have to be really careful while choosing their candidate, their vote is very valuable. Winners will also have a tough road ahead, considering the ever increasing demand of the city and its people.

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