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Gujarat Election Results 2017

Finally the big day is here, Gujarat electon results will be declared today, on 18th December 2017. It is a very important political event which is conducted at this time of the year. It has been waited for a long duration, earlier the result date was not decided since long. In this election, PM Narendra Modi was very much involved in the election promotion. From the opposition, his political rival Rahul Gandhi has taken the lead of promotion in his hands. These scenarios have made Gujarat elections 2017 very interesting. All the speculation and rumors will come to an end, once Gujarat election result are announced. We are also keeping an eagle eye on Gujarat results 2017 and will bring you the fastest results throughout the day. We have listed all the Gujarat assembly list, which contains every minor detail and information. These pages are continuously updated and reflects current scenario of Winner and Runner up or Leading or Trailing Candidate.

Gujarat elections 2017 are just few months away. We are expecting that it will happen by the end of this year or start of the 2018. The tenure of current assembly is about to finish in the starting of next year, January 2018 (22.01.2018). Election commission will share the important details and informations regarding Gujarat election dates in a few weeks. Gujarat has been governed by BJP party since a long time now. BJP has won here for three consecutive times, lead by current Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The main parties here are Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Indian National Congress (INC) and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). The main competition is expected from congress, as the party has been waiting for many years to turn the fate of these elections in their own favour. AAP doesn’t look like much of a threat, considering their poor performances in the recent times.

Gujarat Election Date 2017

Poll EventsGujarat Phase-1 (89 Assembly Constituencies)Gujarat Phase-2 (93 Assembly Constituencies)
Date of Issue of Gazette Notification14.11.2017 (TUES)20.11.2017 (MON)
Last Date of Nominations21.11.2017 (TUES)27.11.2017 (MON)
Date for Scrutiny of Nominations22.11.2017 (WED)28.11.2017 (TUES)
Last Date for Withdrawal of candidatures24.11.2017 (FRI)30.11.2017 (THUR)
Date of Voting09.12.2017 (SAT)14.12.2017 (THUR)
Date of Results18.12.2017 (MON)18.12.2017 (MON)
Date before which election shall be completed20.12.2017 (WED)20.12.2017 (WED)

Gujarat election 2017 dates are declared and it will be conducted in two phases. Whole election schedule is written above. Gujarat election 2012 dates were 13 and 17 December 2012. This year Gujarat Vidhan Sabha Chunav are expected in the month of December.

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About Gujarat Elections

Gujarat has 182 assemblies, on which elections are held. In order to turn Gujarat election results 2017 in their favour, parties have to win more than 91 seats. BJP along with Narendra Modi has been very successful recently in the state of Gujarat. The party have enjoyed a long tenure here, being in power for 15 consecutive years. Modi has been face of BJP for Gujarat assembly elections 2017, and he has been very successful in taking his party to those wins. As the party registered a mammoth win in 2014 parliamentary elections, Narendra Modi joined the post of Prime Minister, making Anandiben Patel chief Minister. However she resigned from her post after 2 years and Shri Vijaybhai R. Rupani was given the throne. Currently Shri Vijaybhai is the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

During recent years, Gujarat has seen disturbance in the state, as patel community has protested under the lead of Hardik Patel. He has been the face of these protests and opposition will consider him as a potential leader. Hardik might be approached by Congress and AAP, to get the support of the large patel community. The patel community plays an important role in Gujarat elections. BJP will put their effort to continue their government in the upcoming 2017 elections, however they will face a good competition from their opposition parties. In the absence of Narendra Modi, as a CM face, BJP will be at backfoot. They have the current government but their main CM candidate is not present. However, they might bring Shri Vijaybhai as their CM candidate, as he has been in CM office in past years. AAP and Congress has a very good chance to try their luck, and these parties will not leave any stone unturned. Considering the fact that AAP, led by Arvind Kejriwal, has not performed well after their win in Delhi elections. They looks like one time wonder, if their current performance is considered. Hence, it appears that the main competition will be between the two giants of Indian Politics, BJP and Congress. The political fight will be really interesting as it seems, and anyone can emerge out to be a winner.

Issues of the state

Gujarat has seen various issues which have appeared to increase with time. The main issues includes child labour, social discrimination, deforestation and conditions of tribals. The state government has not been very successful in implementing the child labor related laws effectively. No state should take this issue lightly, as child labor keeps the future of the state in dark. Another issue is deforestation, due to the continuous development of the state and industrialization, forests are at stake. Cutting down of forests also impacts the life of many tribes living in Gujarat. These tribes forms a large population of the state and they are bound to live as labourers due to this. Social discrimination has been the unending issue which exists in Gujarat. These issues are the main worry for the state development, and these should be taken seriously in these elections.

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