MCD elections are completed today, n 23 April and results will be declared on 26 April. Delhi MCD elections were planned in the beginning of 2017, last elections for MCD were held in April, 2012. Various Delhi MCD opinion poll have been conducted till now by many reputed agency, so there are some predictions are for the winner of civic polls. After the entry of the Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi politics, it is expected to be a tough fight between many parties. India Trending Now, ABP news, Times Now VMR Survey have shared their opinion poll, which are shared below.

MCD exit polls are expected to be shared after the completion of voting in the evening by reputed survey agencies like Today’s Chankya, Aaj Tak, ABP News, VDP associated etc. We will update the Delhi MCD exit poll 2017 as soon as the exit polls are released. As per Times Now VMR Survey BJP will win 195 ward seats out of 272 seats of Delhi Nagar Nigam.

As per the ABP news exit poll predicts that BJP will win 47 seats, coming at first place. AAP will have 9 seats, 6 seats will be bagged by Congress and others will be having 2 seats out of 64 seats of East MCD.

MCD Exit poll By Axis India Today

As per the MCD exit poll declared by Axis India Today, BJP will retain its power in these elections. With BJP winning 202-220 seats and AAP will secure second position with 23-35 seats. Congress will win 19-31 seats and others might have 2-8 seats. This survey shows that BJP will have another term of Delhi MCD.

MCD opinion poll - Who will Win Delhi MCD elections 2017

Latest ABP C-Voter MCD Opinion Poll

Party Expected Seats Vote Share in Percentage
BJP 179 42
AAP 45 27.5
Congress 26 20
Others 22 10.5
Total 272 100

As per latest ABP C-Voter opinion poll BJP is expected to win 2017 MCD elections with 42% of overall votes, Aam Aadmi Party might win 27.5% of the votes and Congress will remain on third spot with 20% of vote share. As per the MCD opinion poll 2017 Bharatiya Janata Party is expected to win 179 seats, AAP might win 45 and Indian National Congress will remain on third spot with 26 seats. Other parties and Independents might win 22 seats including, SP, BSP, Swaraj India, JD (U), etc.

MCD Opinion Poll ABP News-C Voter

Party Party Support in Percentage
BJP 34
AAP 26
Congress 17

A latest MCD opinion poll was released on 12 April 2017 by ABP News C voter on 12 April 2017 (Wednesday). As per the ABP News MCD opinion poll Bharatiya Janata Party is going to claim 34% votes of Delhi citizens in upcoming MCD elections 2017 which are scheduled to be held on 23 April 2017 (Sunday). Aam Aadmi Party will bags 26% of votes and Congress party remains on third spot by securing 17% votes.

North MCD Opinion Poll ABP News C Voter

Party Party Vote Support in Percentage
BJP 35
AAP 31
Congress 13

East MCD Opinion Poll ABP News C Voter

Party Party Vote Support in Percentage
BJP 38
AAP 21
Congress 21

South MCD Opinion Poll ABP News C Voter

Party Party Vote Support in Percentage
BJP 34
AAP 26
Congress 17

MCD Opinion Poll by ITN – East Municipal Corporation Survey

The ITN opinion poll survey agency has shared their East MCD opinion poll. They have predicted that AAP will win maximum number of seats, 44-52. BJP will be on second spot with 07-15 seats. Congress will be securing third spot and expected to secure 05-13 seats.

Party Projected Seats Current Seat Tally
AAP 44-52
BJP 07-15 35
INC 05-13 19
Others 00-04 10

MCD Opinion Poll by ITN – North Municipal Corporation Survey

North MCD Opinion poll 2017 are shared by ITN agency. They have predicted that AAP will rule here in this MCD zone too. They are expected to secure 53-61 seats. BJP will be securing 28-36 seats. Congress will have fewer seats, winning only 10-18 seats.

Party Projected Seats Current Seat Tally
AAP 53-61
BJP 28-36 59
INC 10-18 29
Others 01-05 16

MCD Opinion Poll by ITN – South Municipal Corporation Survey

ITN agency has announced the opinion polls, for various MCD zones. South MCD opinion polls are also shared by them. If their prediction is beleived, AAP will claim this MCD zone too, winning a whopping 69-77 seats. BJP can satisfy themselves with 12-20 seats. INC is again at third spot, having only 09-17 seats in their tally.

Party Projected Seats Current Seat Tally
AAP 69-77
BJP 12-20 44
INC 09-17 29
Others 02-06 31

Internal Survey By Congress

Various political parties has started conducting their opinion surveys to predict the MCD election results. As per survey conducted by INC, they will win 208 seats out of total 272 seats. The exit polls will bring another picture, they are expected to come out after 5 pm today.

Internal Survey By AAP

Aam Aadmi Party has also conducted their internal opinion survey to get an early idea of the Nagar Nigam elections. AAP survey shows that BJP will win this time, with 202 seats in their bag. AAP is likely to get only six percent vote shares. MCD Exit polls will be coming out, later in the day today.

Who will Win Delhi MCD Election 2017?

AAP made a bumper entry in Delhi politics by winning 28 seats out of 70 in 2013 assembly elections, however, this minority government remains in power for 49 days even after the unconditional support of Indian National Congress. AAP creates history in the 2015 assembly polls by winning 67 seats out of 70 seats. In 2016 MCD bye elections AAP won 5 seats out of 13 seats.

In 2016 bye polls, Congress won 4 seats out of 13 seats and remains second in the list. It might be a relief for them after the their historic defeats in 2015 Delhi assembly elections. In the 2015 elections, INC unable to win a single seat out of 70 seats. We are hoping that some reputed news agency will soon conduct a MCD opinion survey of MCD elections 2017.

BJP is currently ruling the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, they are in power at MCD from long time and win the 2012 MCD elections by a good margin. They won 142 seats out of 272 seats. 137 seats are required by any party to win the MCD elections. The BJP is in good state after winning Chandigarh MC elections, even after they move on Demonisation. In coming opinion polls BJP will be a tough competitor for the INC and AAP in Nagar Nigan Chunav.

MCD Election 2012 Results

Party Seats won
Bharatiya Janata Party 142
Indian National Congress 77
Bahujan Samaj Party 15
Others 38
Total Seats 272

Check Complete results of 2012 MCD Elections

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