SP Candidates List for BMC Elections 2017

Samajwadi Party was founded in October, 1992. SP is also contesting in the BMC elections, which are about to happen in Mumbai and its suburbs. The party is led by its Newly elected President, Akhilesh Yadav. SP has ECI status of State Party and it is currently ruling in Uttar Pradesh. In BMC elections 2017, Samajwadi Party is contesting with many other heavyweights of politics. BJP, Shiv Sena, Congress, MNS, etc are also fighting in Mumbai Civic elections 2017.

BMC Shiv Sena full candidate list has been declared on all BMC wards. This time boundary of wards are also revised, which is another change including revision of reservation of seats. Party has been in BMC office for long time now, having good experience of winning these elections. If we look at the previous Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) election results, they looks like clear favourite here. Shiv Sena Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation candidate second list will be shared soon by the party, as winning these elections is very important for them.

Shiv Sena Candidates List BMC Elections

Along with all other parties, SP candidate list 2017 for BMC elections is out. They have shared their list of 85 candidates, contesting on different ward seats. On Friday, 3rd February, these SP candidates filed their nominations on BMC seats. Among the nominees of SP, 3 candidates are current corporators on their wards, they will be contesting again in 2017 BMC elections. In BMC elections 2017, SP candidates list is declared on the last date of making nominations. We have shared the list below with all the names:

S.NoWard NoName of Candidate for BMC Polls
1Ward No. 1Mrs. Qamrunissa Abdul Qureshi
2Ward No. 3Mr. Suryabali Kailash Yadav
3Ward No. 13Mr. Abdulwafa khan
4Ward No. 20Mr. Mohd. Haroon Chaudhary
5Ward No. 23Mr. Ravindranath dubey
6Ward No. 28Mr. Nileshkumar Gattu Yadav
7Ward No. 29Mr. Punit 1Iiraman Yadav
8Ward No. 31Mr. Kailash Yadav
9Ward No. 33Mr. Islam Munna shaikh Manihaar
10Ward No. 34Ms. Soni Sohail Rizvi
11Ward No. 39Mrs. Rekha Rajmani Gupta
12Ward No. 40Mr. Mandl Nabaji Ugale
13Ward No. 41Ms. Julie raman Patel
14Ward No. 42Ms. Payal Anil Bari
15Ward No. 43Mr. Udayraj Somnath
16Ward No. 44Ms. Rukhsana Modh. Siddiqui Memon
17Ward No. 48Mr. Shahid Shaikh
18Ward No. 49Mrs. Reshma Irshad Khan
19Ward No. 50Mr. GANESH Balikan Yadav
20Ward No. 51Mr. Mohsin Lal Patel
21Ward No. 56Mrs. Vaijayanti Raju Shetty
22Ward No. 58Mr. Azizullah Khan
23Ward No. 61Mrs. Gayatri Devi Ram Govind Singh
24Ward No. 62Mr. Fawaz Bashir Memon
25Ward No. 63Mrs. Penwala Asiyana
26Ward No. 64Mrs. Sangita Vijay Patil
27Ward No. 66Mrs. Zainab Abdul Gani
28Ward No. 76Mr. Vijay Sadashiv Gurav
29Ward No. 78Ms. Farida Farhan Ansari
30Ward No. 79Mr. Rajesh Buddhu Yadav
31Ward No. 87Mr. Ajil Gaffar Khan
32Ward No. 88Mr. Mithaal Singh
33Ward No. 90Mrs. Benedict Denis Kinny
34Ward No. 92Ms. Shabina Ndim Khan
35Ward No. 94Aiyesha Riyaz Shaikh
36Ward No. 96Mr. Shaikh Shakil Sawale
37Ward No. 97Mr. Mohammad Zaheer Shaikh
38Ward No. 102Ms. Seemin Asad qureshi
39Ward No. 103Mr. Pankaj Joshi
40Ward No. 124Mrs. Farida Ilayattulah Shaikh
41Ward No. 125Mr. Subhash Yadav
42Ward No. 132Mrs. Joyti Vaikar
43Ward No. 133Mr. Abdul Aziz Atik Shaikh
44Ward No. 134Mrs. Saira Safahad Khan
45Ward No. 135Ms. Shahin Fazlu Rahemaan Chaoudhri
46Ward No. 136Mrs. Rukhsana Nazitn Siddiqui
47Ward No. 137Mrs. Ayesha Rafiq Shaikh Khatik
48Ward No. 138Mrs. Ayesha Bano Mohammed Khan
49Ward No. 139Mr. Akhtar Abdul Razzaq Qureshi
50Ward No. 140Mrs. Shaikh Ayesha Anis
51Ward No. 141Mr. Nadeem Mohd. Rafiq Durani
52Ward No. 143Mrs. Manisha Patil
53Ward No. 145Mr. Ahemad Mohammed. Sayed
54Ward No. 146Mr Shantilala Heraji khade
55Ward No. 148Ms. Rajarani Vrujesh Sharma
56Ward No. 154Azizul Hasan Shabbir Hasan Khan
57Ward No. 159Mr. Khan Abdul Rahim Kamruddin
58Ward No. 160Mr. Kadedil Panchuram Yadav
59Ward No. 161Mr. Lal Bahadur Yadav
60Ward No. 162Mr. Shabbir Dagadubhai Tamboli
61Ward No. 164Mr. Nazra Bano !shag Shaikh Mansoori
62Ward No. 165Mr. Firoz Mantri
63Ward No. 166Mr. Mohd. Ismail Shaikh
64Ward No. 167Mrs. Shaikh Rukhsana M. ismail
65Ward No. 168Mrs. Asma Zahid Mudassar Shaikh
66Ward No. 170Mr. Rafique Mohd. Rashid idrish
67Ward No. 174Mrs. . Parveenbano Sabir All Khan
68Ward No. 179Mr. Sarfraz All Fodkar
69Ward No. 182Mr. Gupta Anilkumar Mataprasad
70Ward No. 185Dr. Mohd. Yusuf Vazihul Kamar Khan
71Ward No. 187Mrs. Shabana Begam Khalil Ahmed Shaikh
72Ward No. 188Ms. Shaguftta Bano Shahid Husain sheikh
73Ward No. 197Timma Timmapa Gollar
74Ward No. 201Mrs. Irani Sajid Siddiqui
75Ward No. 208Mr. Mohd. Hanif Khan
76Ward No. 209Mr. Abdul Matin Khan
77Ward No. 211Mr. Raecs Kasam Shaikh
78Ward No. 212Mrs. Rukhsana Saeed
79Ward No. 213Mr. Wasim Masood Sayyed
80Ward No. 215Mrs. Nisha Gautam Dhari
81Ward No. 220Mr. Huazaifa Elcctricwala
82Ward No. 221Mr. Mohd. ramzan Sorthia
83Ward No. 223Mrs. Shaikh Nida Fatima Shahid Ahmed
84Ward No. 224Mrs. Roobina Mohd. Shakir Ansari
85Ward No. 226Mrs. Rekha Ashish Kumar Singh

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Last Updated on 10 February 2017