BMC Ward List 2017

The elections are underway for BMC, in Mumbai and its suburbs. We have updated the new BMC ward list after delimitation for 2017 elections. BMC new ward list has 227 wards on which corporators are selected in BMC elections. On every ward, one corporator is selected after completion of elections. The corporator candidate is declared by various parties, and the one getting maximum votes is appointed as corporator of that ward. Recently, BMC has reviewed their list of wards, taking effect in BMC elections 2017. The BMC ward list 2017 is impacted by those revisions done by municipal body. The wards boundaries are revised and reservation related changes are also included.

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BMC New Ward List

The latest changes are brought in October 2016, under which many improvements are made. In Some of the wards like H ward, seats have reduced. On the other hand, some wards has seen rise in number of seats. R North, P South and P North etc wards have experienced the increase of seat number. After various changes in the seats included in BMC ward list, total number of seats will remain 227.

The ward list of BMC elections is shared below with their caste category.

Ward No.Ward Category (2017)Ward Name
1Ladies GeneralR/ North
2GeneralR/ North
3GeneralR/ North
4Ladies GeneralR/ North
5OBCR/ North
6OBCR/ North
7Ladies GeneralR/ North
8GeneralR/ North
9OBCR / Central
10OBCR / Central
11GeneralR / Central
12GeneralR / Central
13GeneralR / Central
14Ladies GeneralR / Central
15GeneralR / Central
16Ladies GeneralR / Central
17Ladies GeneralR / Central
18GeneralR / Central
19Ladies GeneralR / South
20GeneralR / South
21Ladies OBCR / South
22Ladies OBCR / South
23GeneralR / South
24Ladies GeneralR / South
25Ladies GeneralR / South
26Ladies SCR / South
27Ladies OBCR / South
28OBCR / South
29GeneralR / South
30Ladies GeneralR / South
31OBCR / South
32Ladies OBCP/ North
33OBCP/ North
34Ladies GeneralP/ North
35Ladies GeneralP/ North
36Ladies GeneralP/ North
37Ladies GeneralP/ North
38OBCP/ North
39Ladies GeneralP/ North
40OBCP/ North
41GeneralP/ North
42Ladies OBCP/ North
43GeneralP/ North
44Ladies GeneralP/ North
45OBCP/ North
46Ladies OBCP/ North
47Ladies GeneralP/ North
48OBCP/ North
49Ladies GeneralP/ North
50GeneralP/ South
51GeneralP/ South
52Ladies OBCP/ South
53Ladies SCP/ South
54Ladies GeneralP/ South
55OBCP/ South
56Ladies GeneralP/ South
57Ladies GeneralP/ South
58GeneralP/ South
59ST LadiesK/ West
60GeneralK/ West
61Ladies GeneralK/ West
62OBCK/ West
63Ladies GeneralK/ West
64Ladies GeneralK/ West
65Ladies OBCK/ West
66Ladies GeneralK/ West
67Ladies OBCK/ West
68GeneralK/ West
69Ladies GeneralK/ West
70Ladies GeneralK/ West
71GeneralK/ West
72OBCK/ East
73GeneralK/ East
74Ladies GeneralK/ East
75Ladies GeneralK/ East
76OBCK/ East
77GeneralK/ East
78Ladies OBCK/ East
79GeneralK/ East
80GeneralK/ East
81OBCK/ East
82GeneralK/ East
83Ladies GeneralK/ East
84GeneralK/ East
85GeneralK/ East
86Ladies GeneralK/ East
87GeneralH/ East
88GeneralH/ East
89OBCH/ East
90Ladies OBCH/ East
91OBCH/ East
92Ladies GeneralH/ East
93Ladies SCH/ East
94Ladies GeneralH/ East
95GeneralH/ East
96GeneralH/ East
97GeneralH/ West
98GeneralH/ West
99STH/ West
100Ladies OBCH/ West
101GeneralH/ West
102Ladies GeneralH/ West
103GeneralT Ward
104OBCT Ward
105Ladies GeneralT Ward
106GeneralT Ward
107Ladies GeneralT Ward
108GeneralT Ward
109Ladies GeneralS Ward
110Ladies GeneralS Ward
111Ladies GeneralS Ward
112Ladies GeneralS Ward
113Ladies GeneralS Ward
114GeneralS Ward
115GeneralS Ward
116Ladies GeneralS Ward
117Ladies OBCS Ward
118GeneralS Ward
119Ladies OBCS Ward
120Ladies GeneralS Ward
121Ladies SCS Ward
122Ladies OBCS Ward
123Ladies GeneralN Ward
124Ladies GeneralN Ward
125Ladies GeneralN Ward
126Ladies OBCN Ward
127GeneralN Ward
128Ladies GeneralN Ward
129OBCN Ward
130Ladies GeneralN Ward
131GeneralN Ward
132GeneralN Ward
133GeneralN Ward
134Ladies GeneralM/ East
135Ladies GeneralM/ East
136Ladies GeneralM/ East
137Ladies OBCM/ East
138Ladies GeneralM/ East
139GeneralM/ East
140Ladies OBCM/ East
141GeneralM/ East
142Ladies SCM/ East
143Ladies OBCM/ East
144Ladies GeneralM/ East
145GeneralM/ East
146SCM/ East
147Ladies OBCM/ East
148Ladies GeneralM/ East
149GeneralM/ West
150GeneralM/ West
151GeneralM/ West
152SCM/ West
153OBCM/ West
154GeneralM/ West
155SCM/ West
156Ladies GeneralL/ Ward
157Ladies OBCL/ Ward
158Ladies OBCL/ Ward
159GeneralL/ Ward
160GeneralL/ Ward
161OBCL/ Ward
162OBCL/ Ward
163OBCL/ Ward
164GeneralL/ Ward
165GeneralL/ Ward
166GeneralL/ Ward
167Ladies GeneralL/ Ward
168Ladies GeneralL/ Ward
169SCL/ Ward
170GeneralL/ Ward
171Ladies OBCL/ Ward
172GeneralF/ North
173SCF/ North
174Ladies GeneralF/ North
175OBCF/ North
176GeneralF/ North
177Ladies GeneralF/ North
178GeneralF/ North
179GeneralF/ North
180Ladies OBCF/ North
181Ladies OBCF/ North
182GeneralG/ North
183Ladies OBCG/ North
184GeneralG/ North
185GeneralG/ North
186OBCG/ North
187Ladies GeneralG/ North
188Ladies GeneralG/ North
189Ladies GeneralG/ North
190Ladies OBCG/ North
191Ladies GeneralG/ North
192Ladies GeneralG/ North
193OBCG/ South
194GeneralG/ South
195SCG/ South
196GeneralG/ South
197GeneralG/ South
198SCG/ South
199Ladies GeneralG/ South
200Ladies SCF/ South
201Ladies GeneralF/ South
202Ladies GeneralF/ South
203Ladies GeneralF/ South
204GeneralF/ South
205GeneralF/ South
206OBCF/ South
207Ladies GeneralE Ward
208GeneralE Ward
209GeneralE Ward
210Ladies SCE Ward
211OBCE Ward
212Ladies GeneralE Ward
213GeneralE Ward
214GeneralD Ward
215Ladies GeneralD Ward
216OBCD Ward
217Ladies OBCD Ward
218Ladies OBCD Ward
219Ladies GeneralD Ward
220GeneralC Ward
221GeneralC Ward
222Ladies OBCC Ward
223Ladies GeneralB Ward
224Ladies OBCB Ward
225Ladies SCA Ward
226Ladies GeneralA Ward
227GeneralA Ward

The reservation rules of various wards have been revised by municipal corporation. Reservation for women has been raised up, it is 50% now. SC candidates has 15 seats which are reserved for them. Backward Castes will have reservation over 61 seats. 2 seats are kept reserved for ST candidates. A number of 159 seats belongs to candidate of unreserved category. Among total 227 seats, 114 seats are reserved for women candidates. For every caste, half of the seats are reserved for women candidates. BMC ward wise results will be declared on 23 February, 2017. BMC new ward list is according to the revision made recently by BMC authorities.

BMC Ward Delimitation 2017

BMC ward delimitation was conducted to ensure that the wards are divided on the basis of latest population data. Below list showing a comparison of 2012 and 2017 ward seats.

Ward Name20172012
R North86
R Central1010
R South1311
P North1816
P South98
K West1313
K East1515
H East1011
H West66
M East1513
M West78
F North1010
G North1111
G South79
F South77

BMC Ward Map 2017

Below map depicts the latest ward boundary as per 2017 delimitations.

BMC Ward Map 2017 showing all wards

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Last Updated on 21 February 2017