Delhi MCD Elections 2017 Dates and Analysis

Delhi MCD is serving more than 11 million people of the capital city of India. There are 11 districts in Delhi and MCD governs 8 district of city, other three districts are managed by NDMC and Delhi Cantonment Board. Delhi MCD Election 2017 will be held in the beginning of 2017. MCD elections 2017 date is expected to be declare in the end of 2016 or at the beginning of 2017. Currently BJP is ruling the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. Bhartiya Janta Party got the majority in 2012 MCD elections.

Delhi MCD Elections 2017
Delhi MCD Elections 2017 Dates and Analysis

MCD Elections 2012

There are 272 wards in MCD and in 2012 MCD were divided into three parts South Delhi MCD, North Delhi MCD and East Delhi MCD. South and North part have 104 seats each and East Delhi part have only 64 seats. In MCD elections 2012, BJP won the North Delhi MCD and East Delhi MCD easily by securing more than 50% of seats. In South Delhi, they had to take the support of independent candidates for majority. Currently BJP is ruling in Delhi MCD for more than 14 years. They won the last three elections of Municipal Corporation easily. In 2012 MCD elections, BJP won 144 seats out of 272 seats of Municipal corporation. for more details Check: MCD Elections 2012 Results.

MCD Bye Polls 2016

MCD By elections on 13 seats were held in the month of May and result was declared on 16 May 2016. As per the MCD election 2016 results, first time contesting party AAP won 5 seats, Congress won 4 seats, BJP won 3 seats and Independent candidate has won 1 seat. Congress had only won 4 seats in Delhi, however, it gave very moralising boost to the party after the clean sweep of the INC in assembly elections. After the charismatic performance of the Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi Assembly elections 2015, everyone is hoping that MCD election 2017 will be tough for BJP and INC and interesting for Delhi voters. During MCD elections 2016 whole country was eyeing on the results of by polls to see the performance of AAP in 2016 elections.

We are hoping that during Delhi MCD election 2017, we would be the witness of a political fight between AAP, BJP and INC.

Who Will Win 2017 MCD Elections?

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