Delhi MCD Bye Elections 2016 Results

Results of MCD By Elections was declared on 17th May 2016. We have provided live results and latest updates of MCD elections. Stay tuned and check this space for Delhi Municipal Corporation bye elections.

MCD By Poll Election Results Party Wise

Political Party Seats
AAP  5
BJP  3
Congress (INC)  4
Others/ IND  1
Total  13

MCD Bye Election Result 2016 with Votes and Margin

Ward Ward Name Winner Votes Runner-Up Votes Margin
44 Quammruddin Nagar Ashok Bhardwaj (INC) 15892 Anil Sinha (BJP) 8458 7434
55 Shalimar Bagh North Bhupindar Mohan Bhandari(BJP) 9205 Bhagmal Sharma (INC) 7754 1451
67 Wazirpur Mahandar Nagpal (BJP) 9307 Sachin Singhal (AAP) 5699 3608
86 Ballimaran Mohd. Saddiq (AAP) 5926 Nitin Tiwari (BJP) 3860 2066
124 Vikas Nagar Ashok Kumar (AAP) 8209 Sunil Jindal (BJP) 7129 1080
126 Nawada Krishna Gahlot (BJP) 10389 Ajay Gahlot (AAP) 5546 4843
136 Matiala Ramesh (AAP) 17644 Ashok Sharma (BJP) 16891 753
166 Munirka Yogita Rathee (INC) 4879 Sunita Tokas (AAP) 4109 770
168 Nanakpura Anil Malik (AAP) 6566 Nitin Sharma (BJP) 6044 522
176 Bhati Rajender Singh Tanwar (IND) 9459 Ishwar Singh (BJP) 6307 3152
199 Tekhand Abhishek Bidhuri (AAP) 9159 Sunil Kumar Verma (BJP) 7604 1555
214 Khichripur Anand Kumar (INC) 8676 Vinod Kumar Binny (BJP) 7567 1109
238 Jhilmil Pankaj Luthra (INC) 10318 Jitender Singh Shunty (BJP) 7899 2419

Delhi MCD Election Voting Percentage

Voting Percentage as per Delhi State Election Commission.

Ward No. Ward Name Voting Percentage
44 Kamruddin Nagar 40.63%
55 Shalimar Bagh North 49.61%
67 Wazirpur 53%
86 Ballimaran 57.63%
124 Vikas Nagar 42.82%
126 Nevada 53.49%
136 Matiala 33%
166 Munirka 36.39%
168 Nanakpura 43.65%
176 Bhati 64.36%
199 Tekhand 51.12%
214 Khichripur 51.38%
238 Jhilmil 53.72%
Total Voting % 45.90%

Delhi MCD By Polls Vote Percentage

Political Party Number of Votes Vote Share
Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) 104621 34.11%
Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) 91775 29.93%
Indian National Congress (INC) 76267 24.87%
Independent 29213 9.53%
All India Forward Bloc 2398 0.78%
NOTA 2332 0.76%
Indian Union Muslim Leauge 71 0.02%
Total 306677 100%

Out of 668870 eligible voters, only 306677 voters cast their vote, which is around 45.90%. BJP got highest no. of votes (104621) and their vote share was 34.11. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) secured the second position as per the number of votes and they managed to get 91775 votes with a voting percentage of 29.93. Congress was able to secure 76267 votes and they got 24.87 vote share. Independent candidates got 29213 votes with a 9.53% vote share and one independent candidate (Rajender Singh Tanwar) won from Bhati ward. NOTA percentage was 0.76.

Showing all candidate name, party, votes, all ward results, margin, etc.

Download Delhi MCD By Polls PDF (By Delhi Gov).

Live Update

11.15 A.M.: Final Tally- AAP wins 5 seats, INC wins 4 seats, BJP wins 3 seats, Also 1 seat to Independent candidate.

10.56 AM- INC and AAP have won 4 Seats and BJP has won 3 seats. Independent candidate won Bhati Ward of MCD.

10.31 AM: BJP has won 3 seats, AAP won 4 seats and INC won 2 seats till now.

10.10 A.M. Live Update: BJP has won three seats, INC has won 2 seats and AAP has won 1 seat till now in MCD bye elections.

Stats and No. of Votes

BM Bhandari of BJP won by 1651 votes from North Shalimar Bagh.

Congress candidate Ashok Bhardwaj wins Kamaruddin Nagar ward by defeating BJP’s Anil Sinha by more than 7000 votes.

Yogita Rathee of Congress (INC) wins Munirka Ward seat by 700+ votes.

Abhishek Bidhuri of AAP wins from Tehkhand ward (1,555 votes)

Mahender Nagpal of BJP wins by 3608 votes from Wazirpur Ward.

INC candidate Pankaj Luthra win from Jhilmil Ward (2400+ votes)

BJP candidate Krishan Gehlot win by 4800+ votes from Nawada municipal ward.

MCD Election Exit Poll

Political Party Seats
AAP  6
Congress (INC) 3
Others/ IND  0
Total 13

This opinion poll is just the prediction of MCD by poll (Delhi Nagar Nigam up Chunav) and final results could be entirely different.

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Update The total voting percentage in the MCD election is just above 45, only 49.50% electorate use their votes. Delhi voters didn’t take more interest in polling of MCD elections. Matiala ward saw the lowest percentage of voting (33%) and Bhati ward saw the maximum percentage of voting (64.36). More than 6 lacs of voters used their vote in the election of the thirteen wards for MCD election. Now all the major parties (AAP, BJP and INC) are claiming that they are going to win the maximum number of seats in MCD elections. The seats will be decided on Tuesday (17th May 2016) when the results of MCD elections will be declared. MCD Bye elections 2016 for 13 seats was held on 15th May 2016. MCD election result will be declared on 17th May 2016 (Tuesday). The main MCD elections will be held in 2017 on all 272 seats. These MCD bye elections are the practice match for all the parties, especially for AAP. These bye elections will not create any significant impact on the current scenario of MCD; still these are very crucial for the political parties.

MCD Bye Election Schedule

Poll Event Dates
Date of Notification 18-04-16
Last Date for filing Nominations 25-04-16
Scrunity of Nominations 27-04-16
Last date for withdrawal of candidatures 30-04-16
Polling Date 15-05-16 (Sunday)
Date of Counting (Results) 17-05-16 (Tuesday)
Completion of Elections 28-05-16

The polling date for 13 seats of MCD elections is 15 May 2016 (Sunday) and polling time for MCD election is from 8 AM to 5 PM. You can check the polling booth details from the official site of the election commission. We will be covering the live results and updates on this page on result day (17th May 2016). Counting of votes will commence at 8 AM in the morning. So stay tuned for live MCD bye election results.

List of 13 MCD Wards for Bye Election

Sl No. Ward No. Ward Name Reservation Municipal Corporation
1 44 Kamruddin Nagar General New Delhi
2 55 Shalimar Bagh North General New Delhi
3 67 Wazirpur General New Delhi
4 86 Ballimaran General New Delhi
5 124 Vikas Nagar General South Delhi
6 126 Nevada General South Delhi
7 136 Matiala General South Delhi
8 166 Munirka General South Delhi
9 168 Nanakpura General South Delhi
10 176 Bhati General South Delhi
11 199 Tekhand General South Delhi
12 214 Khichripur General East Delhi
13 238 Jhilmil General East Delhi

This time, one new political party AAP is roaring against Congress and ruling party BJP. These are the first MCD elections for the AAP, so it will be interesting to see the performance of AAP in MCD by elections. AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) must be on cloud 9 after winning 67 seats from 70 seats in Delhi assembly elections 2015. From Congress’ point of view, these elections are most crucial for the party; as they did not win a single seat in the recent assembly elections despite their 15 years’ rule in Delhi. They are hoping to win a maximum number of seats in upcoming elections by winning voter’s trust. BJP is also hoping to win these MCD bye elections after the recent loss in Delhi and Bihar. BJP is ruling party of MCD since last three terms (14 years), so they will be under the pressure of keeping the consistency.

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The main elections are not far away so the parties will check their power. According to the MCD bye election results, they will decide their strategy for MCD main elections 2017. We are eagerly waiting for the results of MCD aka Delhi Nagar Nigam Up Chunav (MCD results.)

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