Manipur is a north eastern state of India with land area of 22,327 Sq KM. Current term of Manipur Assembly is going to expire on 18 March 2017. Manipur assembly elections will be held in year 2017 in two phases. Voting date of first and secod phase is 04 March and 08 March respectively.

Manipur assembly legislative structure is Unicameral type. There are 60 assembly seats in the state, hence there are 60 assembly constituencies in Manipur. One MLA is appointed for each assembly seat, for next 5 years. The MLA candidates elected by people in Manipur assembly elections represents their political parties. The party winning maximum MLA seats, forms the state government usually. In 2012 assembly elections of Manipur, Congress was the winner and Okram Ibobi Singh was appointed as the Chief Minister of the state.

Manipur Vidhan Sabha has 60 seats and minimum 31 seats are required to form the government in Manipur. In upcoming elections, BJP is the main contender against INC in this legislative assembly.

Manipur Assembly Constituencies - Vidhan Sabha

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