East Delhi MCD is one of the three divisions of Municipal Corporation Delhi. Delhi MCD is also divided in 12 different zones. There are 272 wards in Delhi MCD, which are given unique ward numbers. In every 5 years, electons are held on all these ward seats. In 2012, last Delhi MCD elections were held. So the next election are due in 2017. 2012 MCD elections were held in April and results were also declared in the same month. Hence we can expect that upcoming elections will be held in second quaerter of 2017. MCD Delhi elections 2017 might be scheduled to happen in April month. Various ward seats details are shared here along with Zone name, Ward name and ward numbers assigned to them.

List of East Delhi Municipal Corporation Wards

Two MCD zones falls under East Delhi MCD. These elections are much awatied by the people of national capital. Winner of MCD ward seat is elected as councillor for their respective region. Elections for MCD Councilor (Nigam Parshad) is expected to be scheduled in second quarter of 2017. We can refer the detailed list of ward name, ward number and their respective zone which is shared below.

Sl No.Zone NameWard No.Ward Name
1Sh. South Zone225Anand Vihar
2Sh. South Zone232Anarkali
3Sh. South Zone235Azad Nagar
4Sh. South Zone253Bhajanpura
5Sh. South Zone210Dallupura
6Sh. South Zone233Dharmpura
7Sh. South Zone234Gandhi Nagar
8Sh. South Zone230Geeta Colony
9Sh. South Zone216Gharoli
10Sh. South Zone231Ghondli
11Sh. South Zone227IP Extn
12Sh. South Zone238Jhilmil
13Sh. South Zone213Kalyan Puri
14Sh. South Zone214Khichdipur
15Sh. South Zone221Kishan Kunj
16Sh. South Zone229Krishna Nagar
17Sh. South Zone215Kundli
18Sh. South Zone222Laxmi Nagar
19Sh. South Zone218Mandawali
20Sh. South Zone209Mayur Vihar Phase I
21Sh. South Zone219Mayur Vihar Phase II
22Sh. South Zone212New Ashok Nagar
23Sh. South Zone224Pandav Nagar
24Sh. South Zone220Patpad Gunj
25Sh. South Zone228Preet Vihar
26Sh. South Zone236Raghubarpura
27Sh. South Zone237Shahdara
28Sh. South Zone223Shakarpur
29Sh. South Zone211Trilokpuri
30Sh. South Zone217Vinod Nagar
31Sh. South Zone226Vishwas Nagar
32Sh. North Zone246Ashok Nagar
33Sh. North Zone260Babar Pur
34Sh. North Zone254Brahampuri
35Sh. North Zone249Chouhan Bangar
36Sh. North Zone240Dilshad Colony
37Sh. North Zone241Dilshad Garden
38Sh. North Zone245Durgapuri
39Sh. North Zone255Ghonda
40Sh. North Zone262Gokalpur
41Sh. North Zone264Harsh Vihar
42Sh. North Zone250Jaffrabad
43Sh. North Zone259Janta Colony
44Sh. North Zone261Jeevanpur
45Sh. North Zone266Karawal Nagar East
46Sh. North Zone271Karawal Nagar West
47Sh. North Zone258Kardampuri
48Sh. North Zone269Khajuri Khas
49Sh. North Zone252Maujpur
50Sh. North Zone268Mustafabad
51Sh. North Zone243Nand Nagri
52Sh. North Zone267Nehru Vihar
53Sh. North Zone242New Seema Puri
54Sh. North Zone251New Usmaanpur
55Sh. North Zone247Ram Nagar
56Sh. North Zone263Saboli
57Sh. North Zone265Shiv Vihar
58Sh. North Zone272Sonia Vihar
59Sh. North Zone257Subhash Mohalla
60Sh. North Zone244Sundar Nangri
61Sh. North Zone270Tukh Mirpur
62Sh. North Zone239Vivek Vihar
63Sh. North Zone248Welcome Colony
64Sh. North Zone256Yamuna Vihar

Delhi MCD has been divided in three different zones, these zones are futher divided into 272 wards. East Delhi is the smallest MCD with 64 ward seats. To elect councillors on these 272 seats for next 5 years, Delhi MCD elections 2017 will be held. The elected Nigam Parshad (Councillor) is responsible for the developement and maintenance related work of their wards.

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Last Updated on 24 February 2017